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Friday, November 8, 2013

I haven't disappeared, I've just been cRaZy busy and here's why...

   I know I've been missing around the book blogosphere and I want to explain why. I've had several surgeries this year and am finally finished with it all. (YAY!) My last surgery was at the end of June and during my recuperation time, I read like crazy. I'm not sure if this is linked to my reading struggles now but I have had such a difficult time since July when it comes to trying to get into a good book. This is one of the few reasons as to why I haven't been blogging. I've also had some issues with someone that was close to me when it came to taking content that I had originally posted. (I wish not to get into this but it is part of my story). During all of this mess, I started thinking about why I think so highly of my blog.

   I've always loved reading since I was young and struggled with not only finding good books to read, but others who shared a reading interest like mine. When I was introduced into the book blogging world I was amazed by what I had been missing. Because of this and the fact that I have been struggling with my job status, I fully devoted myself to Uniquely Moi Books. This summer, when the events came into play about my content, it made me sit back and think long and hard as to why it bothered me and why I put so much into my blog.

   I've come to realize that the time I spent with my blog was to replace the unhappiness with my job and I knew that this needed to change. I was stuck and used my blog as an outlet. I don't plan to quit blogging at all so this is not a goodbye! My first reason that I had stopped posting was because I was angry with the content mess. It continued because my dad had a boulder fall on him in August and I've had to take care of him while he recuperates. (He is doing good by the way). The last and now main reason as to why I haven't been posting is because I started going back to school in late August. I am majoring in Elementary Education and am doing great so far but still have a long way ahead of me. I feel like I have much to contribute to the world and teaching is the best place to go with it.

   I've finally been able to fit in a bit of free time to read and I have found myself still struggling to get into a book. Everything I try and read ends up becoming very predictable or doesn't seem to hold my interest. The whole point of me starting a book blog in the first place was to share amazing books that I have read. I don't want to clog up my blog with promo posts, although they are informative, it is not my opinion if it is not in a review. Feel free to offer advice on my reading struggles because this is something that really bothers me and it's been a bit since I can sit down and read an entire book and not find it predictable or not interesting. I miss all of you and hope to work through all of this soon. Thank you all so much for taking interest in Uniquely Moi Books.


  1. i wish you all the best so do what make you happy ^^ i've been surprised by the ovctober daye series and elysian fields by suzanne johnson surprised me with teh several twists

  2. I hope that everything settles out for you soon. Your blog has been one that I have loved and followed since I first started blogging. Everyone needs time off sometimes. I just took almost two months, and now have only been posting a few times a week. You need to find the balance that works for you and makes you happy. I will be here when you get back!! Sending big hugs your way!!!

  3. We missed you a lot :o) I'm sorry for all the struggles you've gone through. I truly hope it's all going better.
    And regarding reading, well, there are times like this one. Don't fret over it. When you feel like reading again, it will come naturally to you. You might also try and read something you'd never read in normal circumstances.
    I hope to see you back around here!

  4. I really like your blog and hope you feel better soon.
    I think it's common when stuff is happening in your life, your reading life suffers. I find this happens to me too, and go through long phases of not liking any of the books I read or not wanting to read at all.
    When this happens, I usually try to slow down and read something I love - one of my favorite books perhaps or something by a favorite author. I think we all get bogged down by what we think we need to read for the blog, or the pressure to review or post, but in the end it's really all about the reading. So read something that you love already.
    Sometimes, I take a week or two off and don't read at all. I watch tv or films or do something totally different.
    I hope to see some new reviews soon and hope you feel better!

  5. Wow! You have had a lot going on! I hope that things get sorted out and you are able to come back to blogging on a schedule that works for you. Glad you and your dad are okay. Sometimes life hands us things that force us to slow down a bit. Take the time you need and hope the books you read are good ones. :)

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