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About Me

~This is me waving at you. ~If you met me in person, I am normally quite shy. Some even call me snobbish because I don't talk to new people, but if you really get to know me, I can be quite loud and boisterous. You'll find out I'm not a snob at all! Hmmph!

  I live in a small town in Missouri, halfway between St. Louis and Hannibal. I've always loved to read, watching my mother at night reading V.C Andrews before bed. I always wanted to read those 'big books' just like her. So, she told me that as long as she seen me reading, that when I turned twelve, I could read them too. So I had to show her I wanted to find out about those families behind that flap. Reading is in my blood now. I can't sleep at night if I don't read at least a little before bed.

I have been blogging at Uniquely Moi Books since October 2010, and I am the publicist at Entwined Publishing since March of 2012.