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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Author Interview- Katie French & Giveaway

Today I have the lovely Katie French who has allowed me to interview her. Katie is the author of The Breeders. Katie has also allowed me to give away one ecopy of The Breeders to one lucky winner!

Katie French is the author of the debut book The Breeders, a YA dystopian adventure available now on Amazon. She is also the co-creator and contributor with Underground Book Reviews, a site that seeks to promote quality unpaid book reviews to self-published and independent writers. Her passions are her family and her work with at-risk teens. You can find her at or on facebook.

1. Where do you draw your writing ideas from?

I draw my ideas from almost anywhere. Usually if I am stuck for an idea, I hit the gym. I've heard that our brain solves problems better when doing mundane tasks. I jump on the treadmill and usually read something about writing craft to get my brain going. It never fails to open up new doors, new possibilities I didn't see before. 

2. Do you have anything you like to have when writing?
 As a working mother, I write wherever I can, whenever I can, so all I need is a laptop and someone to watch my children for a bit. I've become very flexible about when and where I write: in my bed, in the basement, in a Starbucks, in my car (true story). I dream of the days when I might have an office full of windows and a set schedule where I get up and write with no distractions. But then, I love the chaos because I love my family. 
3. What is something that most people don't know about you?

I'm a pretty open person so there's not much, but I think most people don't know how hard I am on myself sometimes. I'm a perfectionist and failure is not an option for me. But, I'm working on it. Good thing I'm a counselor and can use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on myself to try to keep sane.

4. Favorite scary movie?
This is the weird thing about me: I hate horror movies, but love thrillers. I loved the movies Signs and The Village. I loved I am Legend, but I'm not sure if that is considered a scary movie. I love psychological movies like Chronicle, not technically scary, but very insightful. 

5. Where did the idea for The Breeders form?
The idea for The Breeders came when I was in my car alone (which doesn't happen all that often) and the Rihanna song came on the radio. She sang, “Want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world.” I got to thinking, “Wow. The only girl in the world? I don’t think that would be as romantic or sexy as Rihanna’s song makes it out to be.” My mind unraveled from there. 
6. If trapped inside of an asylum, what is one thing you would take with you?
Wow, an asylum. I think I would take a lock-picking set.
7. Three words to describe The Breeders?
 Dystopian Romance Adventure
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