The Ultimate Guide to Pricing the Online Courses

The Ultimate Guide to Pricing the Online Courses

The Ultimate Guide to Pricing the Online Courses

Have you developed an online course and you are wondering how best you can price it? If the answer is yes, worry not and keep reading this article. Developing a curriculum or an online course is not as easy as it sounds. Pricing the online course is equally tricky since it is difficult to quantify knowledge. You can visit for an insight on various online courses that are offered.

When you are pricing an online course, you need to come up with the right pricing since this will either attract clients or make them snub your course. The cost should also not be too low since you may have a hard time convincing the interested parties that you are indeed offering quality courses. We shall explore the basic pricing of a class.

Basic Pricing

studying in progressThe basic pricing of an online course is equivalent to the time, resources, and sacrifices that you did put up to come up with the material. When you are setting the correct pricing of the online course, you should consider the following principles.

Pricing Rule Thumb

One of the principles that you ought to consider when pricing the online course is the pricing rule thumb. This thumb rule states that the online courses should be above 100 USD and only the smaller classes should be below 100 USD.

The shorter courses are usually below 100 USD so that new students can be attracted to the course. Remember that your brand identity will be mirrored on your charges.

High Value of Education

We have a common saying that says if you think education is expensive then try ignorance. The cost of education is high in various parts of the world. When you think about pricing your course, do not be too cheap since it may mean that your online course is of low quality.

Consider universities like MIT and Harvard which do not charge the same tuition fees as the universities in Thailand. Price your course reasonably so that you get enough funds to invest in research and to improve your class.


We have many students from various parts of the globe who are interested in the online courses. When you decide to pursue the online course, you will network and socialize with the different student through various platforms.

You can ask them the tuition fee that they are being charged for the classes that are similar to the one that you are offering.


man with a white shirt studying Once you develop a curriculum, it is important to note that it is difficult to put everything that you need in the material. There might be gaps here and there.

The holes can be filled by referring your student to online textbooks or materials. Make sure that you make the learning process interactive, and the content should be easy to comprehend.