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Writing The Perfect Academic Essay

Writing The Perfect Academic Essay

When you’re in high-school, the papers you need to do are typically one to two pages long. Your exams are also often in multiple choice or structured questions, so you won’t have to provide a lengthy answer. However, when you get to university, you might have to write longer academic essays. These essays must be written well enough for you to get an A.

Lecturers often do not like messy writings that doesn’t explain the content well and might deduct points for it. Here’s how you can write the perfect academic essay to get you through university.

Read existing academic essays

There are plenty of websites online that provides past papers as references for your academic essay. We recommend starting with Cambridge examination essays, because their essays are detailed and analytical, similar to those that you need to do in university. Their essays also involve many theories that you can learn from. You can also ask your seniors for their essays, and use them as a guide for you, especially if you and your senior have the same lecturer. They might share pointers on what the lecturer would like to see in your essays.

Learn the correct structure

Learning the structure of an academic essay is crucial. Everyone knows that any formal writing has three parts, which is the introduction, body, and conclusion. However, an academic essay requires more than this. You usually need an introduction that states what you are going to write and what the reader should expect, the body should include a detailed explanation including supportive theories and figures, and the conclusion should be a summary of what you wrote and what you conclude. The correct structure will keep you from writing too little and too much, and ensure that you deliver your message or your point clearly.

Use a writing service

You might be thinking that using a writing service means that you are cheating. Yes, it is cheating if you are supposed to write an original essay and you use someone else’s writing. But you can request to have your essay written in an essay writing service and study from it, and then recreate it with your own style. Not a lot of people know what is the best custom essay writing service so you better do some research before using one. Remember not to use these services to cheat, after all you are in university to learn, not to copy.…