Welcome, and thank you for taking interest in Uniquely Moi Books!

I am currently only accepting young adult books for review. I do author interviews only for books that I have read. I am open to guest posts, contests/giveaways, and blog tours. Please email me at uniquelymoibooks@att.net or other sources through my Contact Page.

I am honest and forthcoming in my reviews. I am not persuaded by any means. I would not jeopardize my standing in this industry in such a way.

Please include the title and release date if not released yet so I know to put it at the top of my list, your affiliation with the book, (author, publisher, etc.) genre, and a brief description of the book. 

I do not read a series out of order.
All books will be read within 3 months of me receiving it. Please keep in mind, I have my own books that I request and those have top priority. It just depends on how my schedule is at the time. I will try to get your book read in a timely manner. Unfortunately, at this time, I do have to limit my review books, so I am no longer accepting self published authors for review, but would still love to promote you in some way. Please contact me for more info.

Books I am interested in:
Chick Lit
Paranormal Romance

I dislike:
Historical Fiction

With that being said, I do not read Middle Grade.

I publish all reviews on Goodreads. I cannot guarantee a spot on my blog, as I may have things scheduled. I can also post to Amazon, and LibraryThing. Anywhere else, just let me know.

The books that I review on this blog, unless otherwise stated, where either purchased with my own money, won in a giveaway, given as a gift, or requested for a review. I have in no way received any monetary compensation for my reviews and I DO NOT sell my books!