~This is me waving at you. ~If you met me in person, I am normally quite shy. Some even call me snobbish because I don’t talk to new people, but if you really get to know me, I can be quite loud and boisterous. You’ll find out I’m not a snob at all! Hmmph!

I live in a small town in Missouri, halfway between St. Louis and Hannibal. I’ve always loved to read, watching my mother at night reading V.C Andrews before bed. I always wanted to read those ‘big books’ just like her. So, she told me that as long as she seen me reading, that when I turned twelve, I could read them too. So I had to show her I wanted to find out about those families behind that flap. Reading is in my blood now. I can’t sleep at night if I don’t read at least a little before bed.

My three year old now watches me read, and I can tell she is going to be passionate like me. My eleven year old son though, well, he really struggles. My husband doesn’t read anything at all! He is at home during the day and has learned to become friends with the UPS man. All because he loves me, and I love reading.