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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Where I've Been

I feel like I owe everyone an explanation for my blog sitting dormant recently. I had yet another surgery a couple weeks ago. This time it was for carpal tunnel on my left hand and carbital tunnel in my left elbow. I will be going out again for a third surgery next Thursday for carbital tunnel in my right elbow. After that, I should hopefully be all healed and much better. In the meantime, Amy from Lady Reader's Bookstuff and I have taken over the YA Book Blogger Directory and we've been working on going through the list and deleting all the blogs that are shut down or inactive. Once this is finished, we can begin adding new blogs. I'm excited to go through the list and find more new book blogs. There are so many that I still stumble across that I never knew about. If you have added your blog to the list, please be patient There are many to go through and add, but we will get you on the list soon. In the meantime, happy reading everyone!


  1. Ouch! Hope your wrist/hand/arm are starting to feel better! Did you develop carpal tunnel from typing all the time? Hopefully after this next one you'll be done with surgeries!

    1. Thanks. I silk screen print and developed all of my carpal/carbital issues from that. Just so much repetitive work.

  2. Hope you have a speedy recovery!!

  3. Oh, my, I hope you're feeling much better now and you're as good as ever.


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