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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Will you be attending the Less Than Three Event this Fall?

   If you haven't yet heard of the Less Than <3 event, I hope to shed some light on it and here.
encourage you to attend. It will be held this Fall on October 19th. It will run from 9am-2pm in St. Peters Missouri and it will be held at the Spencer Hill branch of the St. Charles City-County Library. For even better directions go

  This event is to have authors, librarians, bloggers, book lovers, book sellers, teens, tweens, parents, teachers, and whoever else that would love to attend and join together.

  This is a YA Lit event focused on bullying. There are several bestselling authors currently on the list and the list is still having authors added to it. The authors will host their own panels and each will specialize in different strategies and positive approaches. To see the list of authors, visit here.

   The Less Than Three event was created by Heather Brewer in hopes to rally against and help put a stop to bullying. This event does have limited availability and tickets are being sold for a mere $10  each. For more information and to purchase your tickets, check it out here. As of now, only 202 tickets are still available.  Hope to see you there!



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