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Saturday, March 2, 2013

I've been nominated for Most Creative Blogger- And voting has begun #BBTC

I have been (surprisingly) nominated through the Book Blogger Twitter Con or otherwise known as  #BBTC by someone for Most Creative Blogger. I first want to take the time to thank whoever did this. I am incredibly amazed and humbled by this and wanted to let whoever nominated me know of my great appreciation. 

The voting started on March 1st and I'm not sure when it ends. I would very much  love it if you voted for me. There are many other categories for the Book Blogger Twitter Con so check them out while your there.  All voting has been split up between Parajunkee and The Bookish Brunette

If you would like to vote for me, please click here to be directed to the poll.  
I sincerely appreciate anyone who votes and want to show my gratitude. 

Here's to
Love, passionate blogging, happy reading, 
and friends along the way.

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I love and appreciate all comments. This is an award free blog. I am unfortunately too busy to participate.