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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review: Memoirs of a Mobster by Judy Serrano

Memoirs of a Mobster
by Judy Serrano

Published by: Black Rose Writing
Released on: December 13th, 2012
292 Pages
Rating: 5/5

   Consider me a hardcore and dedicated fan of Judy Serrano. So far, every book published in this series has yet to disappoint and in fact, left me gasping, shocked, and breathless. Serrano knows how to deliver a storyline that is so gripping, it'll leave you desperate for more. 

   Memoirs of a Mobster is the fourth novel in this series and has switched to Juniors perspective. Truth be told, this had me a bit worried. I wasn't sure how I would like the story through the eyes of a man. I loved Lilly and she had an amazing story. I ended up falling for this novel just like the rest, leaving me to once again endlessly praise this wonderfully talented author. 

We learn that Diego Jr. has been dealt a bit of a hard road with the ladies. One in particular really broke him up, which has left him with the decision to toss them aside when necessary. It's when a debt needs paid that Junior ends up getting married. It just so happens that the woman he marries catches his heart as well. But things never run smoothly for the Montiago's. Never. 

   Old flames decide to make themselves known, causing far more trouble than what it's worth, and unexpected people from the past return that were thought to be forgotten. Lilly is still in for grief and surprises just like always, and the Montiago family is still full of love and chaos. 

Received for review purpose from the author.     

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  1. Great review. I haven't heard of this author of series, but it sounds great. Thanks for the fab review!


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