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Monday, February 4, 2013

Entwined Publishing Scavenger Hunt Birthday Bash Day 9!!!

Hello all! Today I am holding the stop for day nine of the Entwined Publishing Scavenger Hunt. All questions today are about the authors. Feel free to go stalk their blogs to find the answers. All the points for all the stops will be added up at the end and the two with the most points will be the winners.

The EASY question will count as three points. The HARD question counts as five points.
The winner of the HARD questions will receive seven Entwined Publishing books, swag, and a $25 Gift Card of Choice.
The winner of the EASY questions will win four books of choice by Entwined Publishing, swag to go with them, and a $15 Gift card of choice. 

You can follow the authors at:

Mia Castile

Dominique Goodall

Ashley Demi

Today you can choose not only the easy question or the hard, but what author you want to answer. Have fun and good luck! 

Easy Questions:

Mia Castile: What was the novel Mia began writing in High school?

Ashley Demi: Where did I start writing my book "Sporadically Inspired By"?

Dominique Goodall: What is Dominique Goodall's favorite animal?

Hard Questions:

Mia Castile: What is the very first poem Mia wrote?

Ashley Demi: What movie inspired me to try and write my own first script idea?

Dominique Goodall: Name one of Dominique Goodall's influences.


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