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Friday, December 7, 2012

Review: House of Night Oracle Cards- an interesting idea!

Wisdom of the House of Night
Oracle Cards

P.C. Cast + Colette Baron-Reid

   This is the first time really reviewing anything other than a book, and when Random House asked me to review these, I was very excited. I have read the first seven books in the series so I'm familiar with the characters and the storyline. There are fifty cards in the box along with a booklet explaining not only how to use them, and the meaning of each card, but the entire purpose of the cards in general and a powerful background of the cards. P.C. Cast is the author of this series, and Colette Baron-Reid is a well known spiritual intuitive that helped in the making of these cards. Jena Dellagrottaglia gets all props for digitally designing these beautiful cards.

  When I first opened the box, I noticed right away, a glittery silver sheen on the very top card that almost gave it a magical sense to it. Once pulling them out, I found that it must've been from the edges of the cards, as they are covered with a very pretty and thick silver. Every card is numbered, and has it's own purpose and meaning. The questions that you ask can not be yes or no questions but more like "What can I get out of this relationship?" "What can I do in this situation?" or "What can I expect from this outcome?" So, When I asked how to deal with a certain individual that I have difficulties with, I wash shocked that I pulled the STRENGTH card. Yet again, asking question after question, the cards seem to give me perfect answers that fit to my questions. And another thing that I liked is that the book explains that the cards might not always mean what you think, but may have a much deeper, hidden meaning and gave examples of that.
  Over all, I must say, whether you're a fan of the House of Night series or not, these cards are fun, beautifully crafted, and well worth the money.


  1. Hmmm. Sounds very interesting. I think I may want to more a little more about these informative cards. ;-)

    Thanks for the review!

  2. I'm not really into card reading, but they look very pretty! :)


  3. I'm happy you really liked them! I've been reading cards (for myself only) for years. I use Jessica Galbreth's Enchanted Oracle.
    She is one of the top fantasy artists out there today. :)

    And my favorite Tarot deck: The Witches Tarot

    DeAnna Schultz


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