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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Review: The Farm by Emily McKay + Giveaway

The Farm
by Emily McKay

Published by: Berkley Books
Released on: December 4th 2012
420 Pages
Rating: 5/5

  In the very beginning pages, The Farm has the ability to grip ahold and suck the reader into the storyline so deeply that it's practically irresistible to set this book down. Fast paced and full of constant action, it holds the readers attention at all times.

  We meet Lily who has taken it upon herself to take charge and protect her sister, Mel who has autism. Since coming to the Farm and having so many crucial and life altering changes, Mel has become even more enclosed and more difficult to communicate with. Lily doesn't let this stop her. Having lost both parents, she clearly shows how brave she is and will do anything to protect her sister.

  The Farm is supposed to keep people safe. Not necessarily from vampires but from the gruesome things mysteriously created, called Ticks. Having a twisted human like form and a nearly everlasting and uncontrollable hunger, they attack brutally.  Being on the Farm does protect from these beasts but getting constant threats to be thrown out to them, and having strict rules and regulations isn't and easy life.

  Lily plans for an escape but her plans become altered when a past friend shows up. Carter claims that he is there to help. Dressed as a Collab, it's hard for Lily to put her guard down and put her trust into him. Mel is her first and only priority. Carter has his own objectives and claims he's been searching for Lily for a long time. His reasoning is far fetched and hard to believe. Lily can't be that special, but in some odd way, what he says makes sense.

 When the escape goes down, and reality comes to surface, it's even harder to believe. And Mel shows her true colors like never before. I enjoyed every page of this book, can't wait to see what else is in store, and highly recommend!

*Received for review purposes from the publisher*

1 copy of The Farm
US Only
*Donated by Penguin*
Winner must respond within 48 hours
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  1. i reaaaaaaallly reaaallly want this! *keeping fingers crossed :) thank u for this giveaway! :D

  2. This book sounds awesome!!!

  3. I've looked at this book a couple times now but was never sure if it was something I could get into, but your review makes me actually wanna read it for sure now! :)

    ~Jess @ Addicted To Novels


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