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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kelly Creagh shares her bully story + Giveaway

I have the lovely Kelly Creagh sharing her words today. She has also donated a copy of ENSHADOWED! I am honored to present her story to you.
Kelly Creagh
In grade school, I always ate lunch alone.

Every day, I would sit by myself at my own table because, over time, I had learned that the pressure and dread of going to lunch eased up when I began to sit by myself. If I sat alone, I could eat and it would be okay because I wouldn’t have to field questions about my food, or defend myself for being “fat” or “weird.” I didn’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing and ending up at the bottom of a verbal dog pile. I could relax. I could daydream. I could be me.

Until the day we had a substitute lunchroom monitor.

She saw me sitting on my own and, out of kindness, insisted that I join one of the other tables, citing that “no one should have to eat alone.”

Obediently and with trepidation, I moved to the table with the other kids, set my tray down, gulped, and did my best to join in with the “Stars-on-Thars” Sneetches.

Although I don’t remember who set the small piece of chocolate on my tray, I do remember it was a Fun-Size Crunch bar and that it did not have a wrapper.

I also remember that everyone very much wanted me to eat it.

I knew better. I did. There was so much suspicious activity already afoot. I was an outsider, my presence had been unjustly inflicted upon them, my decidedly odd self was messing with the normal jive of the lunchroom hierarchy. The chocolate looked good but it didn’t have a wrapper, man. Why didn’t it have a wrapper?

I would have asked but, you see, everyone really really wanted me to eat that Crunch bar. Everyone told me it would be fine. Everyone said it would be great. It was chocolate! I had to like chocolate, right?

Maybe, I thought, if I ate the chocolate, I’d be in. I’d be gold. The Everyone would decide that I was “all right” and I’d have lunch friends and finally be able to join in on the Full House discussion and swoon over Uncle Jesse.

I ate the Crunch bar…and might as well have contracted the swine-flu-bubonic-anthrax-run-while-you-still-can-plague.

After the initial burst of squeals and screams, the collective evacuation of the table, The Everyone dissolved into hysterics because the chubby weird girl had been so hungry that she’d resorted to eating something that had been on the floor. On the floor! Who would do that? Who would be so nasty, so ugly, so stupid, so “crunchy” as to eat a Crunch bar that had been on the floor, under someone’s shoe?

Apparently Kelly Creagh who, in a mushroom cloud of shame and guilt, went right back to eating lunch on the solitary the very next day.

And every day after that.
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  1. Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. Definitely looking forward to reading this I loved nevermore

  3. Thank you for the reminder about bullying and Hopefully all that "alone time" was what made you the WICKED amazing author you are today!!!

    Heather aka SupaGurl

  4. Would Love to win this giveaway! Thank You for a chance to win. Good Luck to all who enters. Thank You Heather aka SupaGurl for letting me know about this giveaway. :)

  5. Ouch, I remember the bullying times from when I was younger, though there weren't any lunch room incidents. >.>

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Kids or people in general can be so mean and spiteful.
    It amazes me when peeps think this behavior is acceptable.
    Thank you sharing and a chance to win! :)
    DeAnna Schultz

  7. I've never been I can't really know what it feels like. But...that was so mean. :( I agree with SacredmOOn, some people think it's acceptable. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I recall in third grade someone decided to inform my crush that I liked him. We were all waiting to be released to go home when another girl blurted out that I liked the boy: Ben. He then proceeded to loudly proclaim, "Well, I don't like HER!" Everyone in the room, teacher included, laughed to my dismay.

    In middle school, I was often made fun of for my glasses, my "greasy"--it was conditioner lol--hair, and my poor fashion sense.


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