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Monday, October 29, 2012

Carrie Arcos and the Bully

Today, Carrie Arcos has offered her thoughts and truths on bullying. As we near the end of the month, I can only hope that we take a closer look at our surroundings and be there for someone in need. Sometimes, bullies need help too.
No one likes a bully. He goes too far. He uses your weakness for his benefit. It's like he takes the tip of his finger and rubs it into a wound and keeps pushing. He says things that no one should say. He may even get physical. He manipulates. He's subversive because he is rarely alone. He is soon a whole movement that exists to torture and maim your soul. Yeah, no one likes a bully.

But if we are to be truthful, we've all been one. We've all said hurtful things. We've talked about people behind their backs. We've rejoiced in another's misfortune. We've been the sibling who smiles and sticks our tongue out at the brother who's getting in trouble.

What's even more scary is that we all have the potential to become one again.

We are all broken. The beautiful thing is seeing how the pieces come together and heal. The tragedy is when there are protruding jagged edges, when things don't heal, when there's only pain. This is some of the stuff that bullies are made from.

They are also born out of the yuckiness of the human heart--bitterness, selfishness, arrogance, jealousy, pride, etc...

Bullies are not two dimensional evil characters running around in movies. Bullies are children, adults, parents, male and female. Bullies are real. Bullies are a reflection of a twisted heart.

They just might need a little help because sometimes they have no idea how they are affecting others. They have no idea how they are hurting themselves.

They need us to teach them to love others more, to show kindness, to treat people with respect, to understand that every action, good or evil, reverberates across the world and has consequences.

They need to become human again because somehow they've forgotten along the way. But they aren't lost. All of us need a little reminding from time to time.
Carrie Arcos lives in Los Angeles with her family. She writes young adult literature and is an adjunct professor. You can find more about her at and follow her on Twitter.


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  1. Great post. I totally agree. Even people who are generally really nice and great people have at one point or another said something mean or hurtful to or about someone. We have all done it and it's a sad truth.


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