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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

October-National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month...Want to help out?

Amy from Lady Reader's Bookstuff and I have teamed up to help in putting a stop to bullying. October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Prevention Month and already Amy has caused a big stir and brought in many volunteers. We hope to bring you a month full of real life stories, fabulous giveaways, encouraging words, and amazing reviews. All brought to you by not only us, but some fantastic authors, teachers, bloggers, publishers, friends, readers, and anyone else who would love to take part.
If you are interested in donating your story, whether it may be your own real life experience of being bullied, or perhaps you where a bully and would like to come clean and ask for forgiveness, we would love for you to share. Maybe you just want to share your opinion on the topic of bullying. That would be great. Do you have encouraging words that you would like to put in a guest post? We would love that too. We are also taking donations of many sorts. Feel free to contact myself or Amy for further inquiries.
To kick off the start of October, STOMP Out Bullying™ created BLUE SHIRT DAY™ WORLD DAY OF BULLYING PREVENTION.
Join us on October 1st and help us raise awareness and let others know that they are not alone. Bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, emotional abuse, homophobia, hatred, racism, and other abuse needs to stop. Lets end the drama! Help show your support.
(Any blue will do)
In order to receive the "limited edition" 2012 Blue Shirt™ from STOMP Out Bullying™ you must purchase it by September 24th to receive it on October 1st.

"The Blue Shirt Day™ World Day of Bullying Prevention is an initiative of STOMP Out Bullying™ and is copyrighted and trademarked to STOMP Out Bullying™. © Blue Shirt Day™ World Day of Bullying Prevention cannot be reproduced by any other parties, nor may the designs of our t-shirts be reproduced."
Links, dates and major important information courtesy of the STOMP Out Bullying website.
1. People willing to share their stories of being bullied, their bully confession stories, or words of encouragement.
2. People who would like to write a post about bullying.
3. Donations for giveaways during the month.
We GREATLY appreciate all inquiries and participants.


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