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Friday, August 17, 2012

Review: Perfect Escape by Jennifer Brown

Perfect Escape
by Jennifer Brown

Published by: Little, Brown and Company
Released on: July 10th, 2012
364 Pages
Rating: 4/5

  This is my first novel that I have read by Jennifer Brown and it leaves me with the strong desire to find her other novels and bury myself deep into them. Perfect Escape first caught my attention due to the fact that it deals with the main characters brother having OCD and how she struggles to deal with it. I have a close family member who struggles with OCD and refuses to take medicine. It isn't easy dealing with someone with this disorder. It makes it hard for the people around them, and I can't even begin to fathom just what is going on in their heads, along with their own inner battles. This is what brought me to Perfect Escape.
  Although Kendra's older brother Grayson is remarkably intelligent and everyone thought he was really going to amount to something when he got older, it has now fallen on Kendra's shoulders to hold up that high image of 'the perfect child'. When Grayson started showing odd and impulsive behavior, everyone had either ignored him, or hoped it would disappear. Yet, that was only the beginning. Kendra now feels as if she is living in the shadows of her older brother while struggling to keep sane and watch over him when he is home.
  It's when Kendra is yet again, dealing with Grayson's rock fetish that she has the sudden and crazy idea that she can help him in a way that nobody else has. And as they set out to accomplish this feat, the open road leads to far more than either of them could have ever imagined.
  In the end, I loved the bonding that they had shared together. I loved how Grayson was able to do far more with his sister than his ever hovering mother. But in the end, you can't make anyone do something that you want them to. I do wish there would've been more to the ending, possibly a chapter that took place three months later, but a beautifully captured story none the less.

Received for review purposes.


  1. This sounds like a wonderful and touching book. I haven't read any of her book, but every time I go to the library I see The Hate List and almost get it. It's huge though so I always decide not to.

  2. Oh, this book sounds so good. I'm trying to branch out on contemporaries and I always see this one. I'm adding it to my to-get list ! It sounds really good.

  3. Great review! I've wanted to read this one for a long time. I suppose I will go ahead and pick it up. :)

    Have a great week and happy reading!



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