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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Author Interview w/ Kathryn Knutson

Hello all! I am very pleased to bring to you the author that I have today! I loved this interview and I hope you do as well. I had fun with it and it fits right along with her book. Her name is Kathryn Knutson and she is the author of (don't be scared guys) THE POSSESSION OF CASSIE QUINN. 
Kathryn Knutson grew up on horror books and movies.  She has been writing ghost stories since she was a child, in the hopes that one day, one of them would see the light of day.  A real-live haunted house that she lived in was the inspiration for the setting of her first novel, The Possession of Cassie Quinn.  Although the events in the novel are not true, she doesn't recommend playing with Ouija boards.  

1.) Favorite scary movie?  I am a sucker for zombies and vampires (the evil kind), so I love Resident Evil and 30 Days of Night.  However, I think the best scary movie is The Grudge!

2.) Favorite villain? Count Dracula - both in the novel and the movie.
3.) Favorite ghost story?  I loved the novel Wait 'Til Helen Comes as a child, and I still like reading it as an adult.  The water scene at the end is scary! 
4.) Can you share with us a time you got seriously spooked?
That's a really hard one - I honestly don't tend to get really scared!  I think it's because I watch horror all the time and think about scary things constantly so I'm think I'm desensitized to it!  Real-world things tend to scare me.  Like I was scared once when I couldn't find my son - he was supposed to be at a friend's house and wasn't, and I had to search the neighborhood for him.  Those were probably the scariest 20 minutes of my life, wondering where he was and terrified he'd been kidnapped!
5.) What is your favorite horror remake?  The Grudge - does that count?  I've never seen the Japanese original, but the American remake was scary.  BEST horror movie ever!
6.) Describe The Possession of Cassie Quinn in four words.
 Scary.  Unexpected.  Funny.  Different. 
7.) What would you do if you witnessed someone who was possessed?   Run away.  Fast. 

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  1. Great interview!! I love scary movies, though they don't tend to really scare me that much. One that will scare me every time though is The Exorcist. *shivers* Every. Single. Time.


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