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Friday, June 8, 2012

Review: The Awakening-In the Shadow of the Moonlight

The Awakening
In the Shadow of the Moonlight
by J.J. Bidell
Published by: Elke Becker
Released: April 2011
210 Pages
Rating: 3/5

   I was very excited to start this one, as I have a huge passion for big kitties. Learning the background of Naomi, I was even more eager to know what was going to happen because I just knew it was going to be good. It runs in her family to 'turn' if I dare say, into a panther. Naomi has never been informed of this simply because it's a hit and miss type of thing. The last known member of the family that it actually happened to was her great-grandmother and Naomi never knew her.
  The commotion starts when Naomi gets a scholarship to go to a school in Maine, and since it's halfway around the country, her grandmother is more than just freaking out. Naomi is at that prime age as to whether or not she will end up being a panther on a full moon. But of course, if your grandma told you a story that you might be a panther, I'm sure you would think her just as crazy as Naomi started thinking her grandma was. Luckily her mother was there to intervene, and see her safely to the plane.
  Upon arriving, she absolutely love it even though she's just on campus. The fog is a tad bothersome at times, but hey, let's not complain. At least she got to go! She ends up doing great at school, and meeting some really, really great people. Naomi even grows quite fond of Roman. Now here's where it slows waaayyy down. The beginning was just fab, but the middle got hung up focusing around her friends a little too much with not really any action. It does pick back up with a great ending.
  As Naomi's bond with Roman grows closer, she unknowingly endangers his life. Her friends aren't who she thought they were at all. One of them knows all about her and is watching her every move.

Received from the author for review.


  1. I really love stories that have to do with shifters. I think they are really cool. One of my favorite series ever is Rachel Vincent's Shifters series where they are werecats. This one sounds really awesome!!

  2. Great review! If you love panther shape shifting books you should definitely check out Interlopers: A Shifters Novel by L.M. Davis. It is a really good book! New follower

    Cierra @ Books Ahoy


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