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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: Love You, Hate You, Miss You by Elizabeth Scott

Love You
Hate You
Miss You
by: Elizabeth Scott

Published by: HarperTeen
Released on: May 26th, 2009
276 Pages
Rating: 4/5

  A very heartfelt and emotional story, featuring a troubled girl living past her best friends death and struggling with life. Elizabeth Scott has written this book so well, that I ended up feeling like I new all of the characters myself. Beautifully written, tugging at your heart.
  Best friends will do anything for each other right? That's how it was for Julia and Amy. Those girls did anything and everything for each other. But now, Amy is the one that has to suffer since she lost her best friend. Julia was amazing. Julia helped Amy function in so many ways. Supported her in all of her decisions. Now, Amy has to not only live life without her, but deal with the fact that Julia's mom holds her responsible for what happened. Her mother is right. Amy feels that it's all her fault. Julia was being a true friend and that's what led to her death.
  Amy now writes to Julia, explaining so much to her. Lonely and with nobody but nosey parents and a shrink that drives her insane, Amy has to learn to pick up the pieces of her life and keep on living.  I felt so much heartache for Amy as she struggled. She felt as if she didn't deserve any more friends. She was the outcast at school and her life was so hard now struggling to find her place without her best friend. But writing to Julia-well writing to Julia definitely opened her eyes to many things.

Purchased from Amazon.


  1. I haven't heard of this book. It sounds interesting. I am not super big on contemporaries, but I have started to really enjoy them. Great review

  2. I really liked this one; of course, I like every Elizabeth Scott so it makes me super happy to see reviews of her backlist around the blogosphere!


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