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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An Author and a Designer Dress Contest?

As weird as that may sound, yes you read that right.
Lisa Burstein, author of Pretty Amy and published by Entangled Publishing is hosting a seriously sweet Designer Dress Contest! Are you getting prepared for prom? Lisa wants to help you out.
She is celebrating the upcoming release of Pretty Amy and doing it in style.
All followers get a chance to receive one of three designer prom dresses from Kay Unger (Phoebe Couture), and 2 Sephora $20 gift cards in time for prom season.

PRETTY AMY starts on a prom night that goes horribly and hilariously wrong. Prom night or any special night doesn’t always go as planned. There is a lot you can’t control: the weather, your date’s breath and sometimes even the whim of a policeman.

Luckily, you can control the way you look and PRETTY AMY wants you to look good.

Designer good. $200 Designer good!

To celebrate PRETTY AMY entering the world on May 15th! Lisa is giving away 3(!) Size 8 Phoebe Couture evening dresses, generously donated by Kay Unger and 2(!) $20 Sephora gift cards.

4 lucky people will win! Contest starts 4/17 and goes until 5/17


 To help Lisa celebrate, a few of the wonderful authors from Entangled Publishing have decided to share their photos throughout the month on Facebook  as well.


*Please note that these are not the actual colors of the dresses*


To find out the full details and to enter to win, check out Lisa's website.

She wants you to BE PRETTY!


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