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Friday, February 17, 2012

Guest Post w/Kelan O'Connell & Giveaway

Today I have the most talented Kelan O'Connell, author of Delta Legend. I must admit, I just adore the cover of this one! It is very striking to the eye! Kelan has also been generous enough to give away five ebook copies of Delta Legend! Now, before we get started, I must say, If you are a guy and you read this, I really want to hear your comments!!! (Everyone else's too of course)

If You Build It ... by Kelan O’Connell

I was raised with three older brothers, no sisters. I wasn't a tomboy, but I could hold my own with boys for the most part. When mixing it up with my brothers, it would never be said that I fought fair. What I lacked in physical strength, I made up for in cunning... along with biting and scratching. I'd say my greatest strength as a kid was my ability to wiggle out of a stronghold or a confined space. The fact that I was petite only encouraged my brothers to see how many different physical spaces I might actually fit inside of. Needless to say, I spent a good deal of time in lockers, dresser drawers, and laundry hampers. Shockingly, I am not claustrophobic. Desensitization training—it works.

So, you can see how creating a male main character for my book, Delta Legend, wasn't completely foreign territory for me. While I knew I could never pull off writing a first-person narrative for Calvin, I had no doubt I could effectively represent him in all his guy-ness. And in a YA literary world brimming with strong dynamic female MC's, I was eager to break from the pack. Oh, there's plenty for chicks of all ages to relate to in Delta Legend—Mei Li handily carries the female dynamic of the story, no problem. But beyond my choice of a male protagonist, I was determined to write a book that BOTH sexes could relate to and embrace. Maybe even connect over.

If you're reading this guest post, chances are you're female. And not surprisingly, three months after self-publishing Delta Legend its primary audience remains female. Why? Well, as a whole, us gals are simply the more voracious readers. We're also more connected and tuned-in to what's new, what's hot, what's coming down the line in the world of All Things YA, thanks to great Book Blogs like this one. But I'd dearly love to see more guys join us in this passion for reading. They seriously need to figure out that reading is not only entertaining escapism for them, it's downright sexy to us. Think about it: Guy reading a book while drinking a latte outside a coffee house or guy standing around texting. Who's hotter? Please. So, what's it going to take to get more of them to see the light? Two things, really.

1. More YA and YA Crossover novels guys can relate to (If you build it ...)
2. Cool, smart, savvy YA-lovin' women steering guys in the direction of great reads. (This part will require some finesse, not unlike coaxing a squirrel to eat from your hand, or luring E.T. with Reese's Pieces.)

Hey, I've done my part. I've even stocked Delta Legend with the literary equivalent of a HungryMan Dinner: fishing, WaverRunners, beer, speed boats, wake boarding, along with hearty servings of carnage, action, and laughs. Did I mention beer? Now here's your part: Get out there and recommend Delta Legend to a guy. Go on, I'm authorizing you to use my book to strike up a conversation with the opposite sex—like that cute guy in geometry, or the sexy-geeky one who works in the marketing department. You know, the one who recently broke up with his girlfriend?!?! Yeah, HIM. I just set you up with the perfect conversation starter, and one that's got a shelf life.

You're welcome.

You can find more Kelan musings at The first six chapters of her debut YA Crossover can be found at

To enter to win 1 of 5 ebook copies:
You must be 13+
Ends February 26th


  1. As the only girl with five older brothers, I can relate. I'm also a petite person so you can imagine with five tormentors all I had to put up with. I'm not a tom boy either, my mother was determined once she finally got a girl by gingos she was going to have a girl. The male influence carried over as I had a boy child so as an adult was again surrounded by guys. I'm happy to say every man in my life loves to read. All 5 brothers, my father, my honey and my sweet baby boy all read.

    1. FIVE?! Holy Smokes. My mom, too, could not believe she finally got a girl. She did not even have a girl's name ready. I was supposed to be John Kelly. If a baby had not been named, they couldn't leave the hospital. Three days later and still no name (think maybe my mom needed the break and was milking it). My aunt finally suggested that I be named Kelly which was primarily a boys name back then. It ended up Kelly Ann which became Kelan as an author. But if I got to choose my position in a family, I would choose the same one again. Only girl with older brothers rocks!

  2. I really enjoy reading books form a male PoV. I have just recently read a few that are. Even if not primarily, but in a dual PoV. It's really refreshing to hear the story from a male sometimes. I only have a sister, but I had almost all guy friends growing up. Great post.

    1. Me too. I didn't have a ton of guy friends, though. I craved girl comradery.

      Any suggestions of other male POV YA that we might not know about?

  3. I agree. That cover is simply fabulous. Eye popping.

    1. Thanks! The graphic artist, Dave Williams, has done his share of album covers for rockers. He's great with monsters and graphics and works in several layers of photoshop. He's also the head designer for the company MouthMan. They do the shirts with the monster mouths for kids and adults. The company's owned by our friend, Ross Valory, bass player for Journey.

  4. This post was awesome :D
    I love reading a book from a guys perspective, especially YA and I always try and read them if I can so I'm definitely going to try and read this one! The cover and synopsis tie it all together in an awesome little package of MUST HAVE!

    Also, I have three step brothers and most of my friends are guys and while I'm not overly tom-boy like, I'd say I definitely have elements of it! Unfortunately, none of the guys I hang out with are really "readers" but then, neither are the girls! Haha. But I'll spread the word as best I can!


    1. Thanks, Faye! I appreciate that. I'm proud that the book is one that even reluctant readers are embracing. One day I got a text from my friend Gina that said, "I just saw something I've never seen before, my husband in bed reading. He is enthralled with Delta Legend." Needless to say, I have yet to delete that text.

  5. I think it's fabulous to read from a guys point of view. I know the girl angle already. So reading from a guys perspective makes the book so much better for me.

    mary_reiss @


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