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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review: Deep Blue Secret by Christie Anderson

Deep Blue Secret
Christie Anderson

A definite thriller you'll find yourself hooked to! Anderson has created a highly addictive novel full of hotness and surprises.

For Sadie, everything is perfect. Her life is normal and complete. Or at least that's what she thinks.
Out one day with nothing to do, she decides to snap a few pictures out on the beach. All was going quite well until she was standing next to the shore on a huge rock and fell. That's when he appeared. He appeared from nowhere and lifted her as if she were nothing. Once out of the water, Sadie just couldn't take her eyes off of him. After she thanked him, she proceeded with questions about himself. Where did he come from, how did he see her? Who is he??
But he wouldn't tell her anything.

Throughout the next few days, Sadie found herself thinking about him. She just couldn't get him out of her head. And so many questions left unanswered. But the truth is, he knows all about Sadie. More than she knows about herself. For starters, he lives right across the street and has been there watching for years. Sadie thinks that the house is empty.

Finally, when he shows back up, secrets spill and Sadie's life is about to change forever. For good or for worse? That all depends. Bonds are formed, lives are at stake, and Sadie has found herself smack in the middle. 
Hold on tight because things are about to get wet!

4/5 Stars. 351 Pages. 

Available for purchase in paperback or ebook at Amazon.

Dying for more? Check out Christie Anderson's website.

And check out the trailer!


  1. This sounds pretty good I've never heard of it before. I love thrillers though and this one seems great. Thanks for the review!

    Xpresso Reads

  2. Jodie, Thanks so much for taking part in my book tour. Your review was so fun! I loved the way you described my story!

    By the way, the trailer you posted isn't my official trailer. It was made by a reader who is a fan of my book, and it was a great compliment that she would take the time to make her own version. The original trailer can be found at

  3. Thanks ladies! And Christie, I am so glad you liked my review! Changing trailer now!


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