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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The book trailer you must watch!

A truly beautiful book trailer you MUST watch! Make sure your sound is up. You will get chills! Yes, it's that good!

Dreaming in Darkness
Jessica Kristie

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Review: Dreaming in Darkness by Jessica Kristie

Dreaming in Darkness
Jessica Kristie

So very deeply moving. Jessica Kristie has filled the pages with such heartfelt poetry and loss. Sadness and love intertwined together creating such a masterful and addictive piece of work. Such a great talent, as you will find yourself enraptured through her poetry and pain. More than simply beautiful.
She brings that what aches inside and lays it on paper. The raw emotion of love and loss.
That which it is. And that which it may be.
It's way better than beautiful.

5/5 Stars. 117 Pages. Published by Winter Goose Publishing. Received from Jessica Kristie

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Splash Into Summer Giveaway Hop

Ah, yes. Summer is coming! It's time for a giveaway!!!
Open to everyone 13 years of age and older.
Giveaway runs until midnight 5/31.
Just what am I giving away?
Your choice of one of the following:

So take your pick and enter HERE
Winner MUST respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen.

Don't forget to check out all the other people participating as well!

Review: Cryer's Cross by Lisa McMann

Cryer's Cross
Lisa McMann

A frightfully addictive novel that will leave you shocked and quite spooked at the end.
McMann has created a real spook!

When you come upon Cryer's Cross, you will come upon a town where everyone knows each other and everyone does right by each other. That's how small towns like these run and work. Humble and peaceful. That's why when a young teen goes missing, it's such a heartbreaking tragedy that's hard for everybody in the town to accept. The whole town comes together to search and find her to no avail.
Over time, Everyone moves on with their life, realizing, that young girl isn't coming back, no clue as to just where she went. There are no kidnappers in Cryer's Cross. Who really knows just what happened to her.

It's now time for school to start back up again, and Kendall must get there before all of the other students. Why? Well, She has OCD and she has to go about her morning routine or she just can't settle into the day right. Once she gets everything straightened, Kendall settles into her desk, right next to her bestie, Nico. Whats odd is that Nico has been acting funny since school has started back up. Spacing out, anti-social. That sorta thing. What's even worse is that the new kid that started this year, Jacian, Wants to make like he wants to be friends one minute, then major jerk-off the next. If Kendall can Just hold off until Saturday then she can find out what Nico thinks about Jacian. Nico just seems so spacey to ask him now.
But when Saturday rolls around, Nico is MIA.

4/5 Stars. 233 Pages. Published by Simon Pulse. Received from Lady Reader's Bookstuff

Saturday, May 21, 2011

In My Mailbox (27)

What is "In My Mailbox"?In My Mailbox is a weekly meme. What is a meme, you ask. The simple description is  "an idea that spreads quickly." Usually the creator of the meme asks for other people to participate and ultimately link back to the person that started the meme. Memes shouldn't be confused with "features." There are some features that are somewhat exclusive to certain blogs, be courteous and don't steal content.

The idea of In My Mailbox is to bring books to the attention of our blog readers and to encourage interaction with other blogs.  Here's what I got this week, how about you?

For Review:

What did you get this week?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review: Rival by Sara Bennett Wealer

Sara Bennett Wealer

Beautifully written, Wealer has brought us a novel quite different from what's out there. The passion for the music is so amazing. Rival has brought me back to a time that I miss, a time that only the glory that music can bring.

Brooke Dempsey seems to have it easy. She seems to have it all. She has all the friends you can imagine. She has the looks, money, and any guy she wants. She also had the ability to bring down Kathryn and ruin her name throughout the school all because she has the power. And because she could.
But why did this happen?
They used to be best friends.
They both have killer amazing singing voices and are up against each other to receive a scholarship.
Kathryn needs that money. Why can't Brooke just leave her alone? What is she still hiding? Only time will tell.

4/5 Stars. 327 Pages. Published by HarperTeen. Purchased at Amazon 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Review:Easter's Lilly by Judy Serrano

Easter's Lilly
Judy Serrano

Judy has masterfully written a love story full of so much passion, courage, strength, and oh, the excitement! Easter's Lilly is stuffed full of non-stop action and will leave you falling in love,  yearning for more.

Lilly has always done good by her parents. Always followed by the rules. Yet, when she meets bad boy Johnny and her father asks her to stay away she just can't. He has his reasons, and she has hers. Johnny is a drug dealer, yet he never brings them around her. She has no choice but to leave her parents and go away with Johnny.
Suddenly, Johnny is in a bad accident, leaving Lilly pregnant and alone.
All seems to be taken care of though.
Diego, Johnny's boss is more than willing to take Lilly in and marry her. Accept the child as his own. This must be a great man to do such a thing!

Once Lilly is at her new home, she learns that she gets a full time bodyguard. Diego isn't just anybody. He's in the mob. Over time, Lilly realizes that her marriage with Diego means nothing. Just a ring on a finger. That's it. Her bodygaurd is Diego's brother Max. Lilly and Max spend more time together than her and Diego. Max is the one that's there when the baby is born. Max is always the one who's there. Diego see's the flirting at the breakfast table. He doesn't even mind it. When Lilly and Max have finally realized they have fallen in love, that's when Diego decides he wants his wife back. The flirting must stop!
He's decided Lilly must love him and not Max. He's in the mob after all. He can make things happen...
But they love each other.
Diego now wants a baby.
Lilly loves Max.
Diego is powerful.
Lilly can't just say no to her husband, she knows what he's capable of. Yet, her heart is with his brother Max. What's a girl to do?

5/5 Stars. 293 Pages. Published by Black Rose Writing. Received for review from Judy Serrano

Want to purchase Easter's Lilly? Go to Amazon.
Want more info? Check out Judy Serrano's blog.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Review: Don't Breathe A Word by Jennifer McMahon

Don't Breathe A Word
Jennifer McMahon

A mysterious and creepy tale of dark fairies, long ago stories, and hidden family secrets. As I look out my back door and into the woods, I wonder if there is really anything out there, and just what might be looking back at me.

Twelve year old Lisa went missing in Vermont one summer night. Vanished into the woods never to be seen again. What people didn't know was that during that summer, Lisa had thought she had found the King of the Fairies. She wanted to be with him. Her brother Sam and friend Evie knew about it but thought she would eventually quit all the fairy nonsense.

Fifteen years has now past. Sam has long tried to forget everything about that summer. All he ever wanted was his sister back. He's now with a woman named Phoebe and seriously wished his mother would quit the pressuring for them to have children. He doesn't want any. Sometimes it seems like his mother just wants to turn Phoebe into a housewife.

Out of the blue, random, odd things start happening to Sam and Phoebe.  A phone call, people that were there and suddenly disappearing. It all seems to revolve around one thing.
She's back.
How? Is this even true?
Now it's time for all the skeletons to come out of the closet.
The fairies too.

5/5 Stars. 447 Pages. Published by HarperCollins. Received from HarperCollins

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review: The Sorrow King by Andersen Prunty

The Sorrow King
Andersen Prunty

Ooh! I was soo rubbing my hands together for this one and rightly so! Prunty has brought forth a delectable piece so vivid I almost felt like I was seeing it with my own eyes at times. A great piece!

What would you call him? Who, you ask? The person, the thing you are most scared of. What would he look like to you?

The only person that seems to have the slightest clue as to what might possibly be going on is Steven Wrigley and even he isn't so sure. Everyone is calling it "The Suicide Virus." Steven has now found out that he knows the names of the people who die before anyone else knows. Before it's made public. How does he know this? All he wants is to live through the year. He gets along great with his dad, but gets overwhelmed knowing so much about the kids who are dying, he goes for walks late at night to clear his head. That's where he meets Elise.

Elise has her own set of secrets all to herself. Ever since she was younger, she has had a special place to go that's all to herself, just to get away from everybody and everything. She calls it the Obscura. She only goes there when she's angry or depressed though. And when she's there, she gets this whole other feeling like never before. There is a reason for this, just like there is a reason for the suicides.

He feeds off your fear. Sadness. Frustrations. Anger and depression. Who is he?
He is whatever you fear. He forms to fit you.
He is the Sorrow King.

4/5 Stars. 291 Pages. Published by Grindhouse Press. Received from Andersen Prunty.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Winner of The Diva Doctrine...

First and foremost thank you to Patricia for the lovely interview!
Now, for the winner of 
Congratulations to
Meredith Miller!
This is a fabulous book and I do hope you enjoy!

Interested in purchasing a copy? Visit Amazon or your local Barnes and Noble.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

In My Mailbox (26)

What is "In My Mailbox"?In My Mailbox is a weekly meme. What is a meme, you ask. The simple description is  "an idea that spreads quickly." Usually the creator of the meme asks for other people to participate and ultimately link back to the person that started the meme. Memes shouldn't be confused with "features." There are some features that are somewhat exclusive to certain blogs, be courteous and don't steal content.

The idea of In My Mailbox is to bring books to the attention of our blog readers and to encourage interaction with other blogs.  Here's what I got this week, how about you?

For Review:

That's it for me. What did you get?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review: Dismantled by Jennifer McMahon

Jennifer McMahon

As I am a huge fan of McMahon, I was eager to read this one and was left amazed as always.
Jennifer's writing is so creative and unique, it is one that sucks you in, and keeps hold through every twist and turn, not knowing what to expect even at the end.

Numerous years ago, the Compassionate Dismantlers were formed. Tess and Henry now have a daughter together and have long forgotten the Compassionate Dismantlers yet, Emma wouldn't be here today if they wouldn't moved in the cabin with Suz and Winnie all those years ago.

The Compassionate Dismantlers were formed when Suz had chosen just the right people and they all agreed to join. They basically pulled sick pranks and vandalized people thinking that what they were doing was meaningful. They had found a cabin to stay in. It was all great up until the stunts go too far and Suz ends up dead. Now the remaining three decide to cover her death up and keep it a secret. 

Now, Tess and Henry's daughter Emma finds pictures of the Compassionate Dismantlers and decides to do some investigating herself. It's been nine years since Suz's death and suddenly strange things start happening. Winnie receives a postcard and she returns to the cabin. Is it time for the secrets to come out or have they only just begun?

5/5 Stars. 422 Pages. Published by HarperCollins. Received from Lady Reader's Bookstuff 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Author Interview with Patricia V. Davis and Giveaway

 I want to welcome to my blog, Patricia Davis! Thank you so much for being here today. I loved The Diva Doctrine and really enjoyed the chance to interview you. Now, let's get on with the questions!

1.     In The Diva Doctrine, you broke everything down into sixteen vital chapters. If you could only give us one piece of advice from the 16, what would it be?

This seems to be the number one interview question women want to know. I would have to say it’s Principle No. 2:  “The only thing you should be faking is confidence. If you don’t have it yet, pretend you do. In every new situation, pretend you’re not nervous, pretend you’re not scared, and after a while, the pretend part disappears.”  All throughout my life, I’ve heard women say that want to try this or that, but when asked why they haven’t done it, they clam up. The reason for that is fear. “What will happen if…?” is what stops women from doing so many things. “What will happen if I pursue my dream and open my own business?”  “What will happen if I move to another country?” “What will happen if I leave my husband?” etc.  It’s the fear of the thing and not the thing itself that’s so agonizing. So if you just pretend you’re not afraid  ─ and I mean go as far as saying that out loud, even to friends and family (who will probably guess you’re lying!) you’re brain starts to believe it. It really does. And that frees you up to do all kinds of wonderful things you’d been afraid to do in the past.  And if you do the things you dream of doing, you feel so great about that, that everything else in your life, including the way you feel about yourself, starts to fall into place.

2.     Is there anything you didn't include in The Diva Doctrine that you wish you did?

Actually, yes, there is, and I’m so glad you asked! I should have added that we need more women to have the gumption to pursue careers in the fields of science, math, and technology.  You know, I was just asked to be the Master of Ceremonies at a wonderful competition called “The Technovation Challenge” which is being held at the Google Campus in Silicon Valley. This is a non-profit that encourages high school age girls to compete in making phone apps and more. It was mind-blowing to see what these young women came up with, and also very sobering to see how that field is still dominated by men.

3.     If there comes a time when you realize that your friend isn't who you thought she was, and doesn't seem to have your best interests at heart, what's the best way to end the friendship without drama and it ending badly?

I love this question, too, because as I mention in the book, most of them do end badly and dramatically. My practical, logical, ‘Diva” answer is to say let the friendship fade gradually without making a big deal out it. If you were used to seeing each other every day, make it once a week, and then once a month, until finally it’s over, but you can still send each other birthday cards and holiday cards without wishing each other dead as part of the greeting in the card! But, a slow and respectful ending is not that easy for most of us women, because we get just as emotionally involved in some of our very close friendships as we do in our romantic ones. And how many of those end with the two involved shaking hands and saying, “Have a nice life?”  If you can do it, you’re a better person than I am. I can easily slide out of a business relationship with no remorse or anger, but personal relationships are much, much harder. I’ve only achieved it twice so far. But then again, I’ve only had two close friendships in the last thirty years that needed to end. All my other friends will be friends of mine for life, and I can say that with more conviction now than I would have been able to in the past, because I’m choosing my friends much more carefully these days to start. I also allow myself to have “layers of friendships” if you will. Some friendships go very deep; others might be friends I go to the gym with. We’re close, but not necessarily bone deep close. That makes it easier to be more objective and, if necessary, to distance myself if it should come to that. The ones I let in super close now that I’m older are women I know will “watch my back” just as much as I watch theirs.

4.     What can we do to help a friend who struggles with judging herself, feeling like nobody values her opinions, etc. Can we help them at all, or is this their own inner battle?

Oh, boy, you really are asking the hard questions today, aren’t you, Jodie? : ) I think any good friend deserves that we try to help, but not to the point where it becomes an emotional drain on us. Because then, we’re not helping, we’re enabling. Our friends are not our therapists. Sometimes we need help to sort out our feelings and it’s best that’s done by an objective professional who is not too emotionally involved with us. If I see a friend continually suffering, I will gently recommend she seeks some kind of professional counseling. But at the end of the day, it’s up to every individual to own her own life and pursue her own happiness.

5.     I really loved your quotes from the book and book trailer, what made you decide to use those?

Why, thank you very much. The simple answer is that they resonated with me, and I thought they’d resonate with other women, too. I wrote the song for the book trailer for the same reason, and I think the musicians and singer who performed it did such a marvelous interpretation of it. So many women commented in it that we uploaded it to CD Baby. We had to make it available for 30 cents, though, because that’s the minimum they would allow.

6.     Let's hear 5 normal things about you, and 5 really random things about you!

Hmmm.  Fun. Let’s see…five normal things: I love my children, family, and husband. I enjoy cooking dinner for my guests. I wish I could eat more ice cream, but I know it’s bad for me. I think that’s five.  Five random things are: I lift weights and love it, I’m terribly vain and wear sunscreen almost 24 hours a day, I own way too many handbags and shoes, and I wish with all my might that people would stop killing each other and saying their “god” wants them to do it.

7. Is it possible that we will see a book come out of The Grown Up Goddess? I would read it!

That’s very kind. Thank you. I don’t know the answer. Seems to me it’s been done before and by better writers, too. I’d been working on a paranormal mystery/romance when the opportunity to write The Diva Doctrine came up, and I put that aside. I think I’d like to get back to that and finish it, first.

I thank you so much for your time! You can follow Patricia on Twitter, find her on Facebook, check out the website, and view the book trailer. See my review here.

Now for the giveaway!
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